Please consider the following three  urgent demands on the draft New Education Policy 2019:

1.       The draft in 484 pages in English/ Hindi should immediately be translated into all languages listed in the 8th schedule ( Articles 344 (1) and 351 of the Indian Constitution ) and circulated for reading and rendering comments. This only will help people of all languages to participate in this democratic process.

2.       The time limit for sending views should be extended till 30-09-2019. A bare minimum of 3 months time for the whole Nation to read the draft, which will decide the fate of our children’s education for the next ten years, is a just demand, we/I think.

3.       As there is a strong feeling and fear that in the name of three languages policy, the Central Govt. is trying to impose Hindi on the non-Hindi state people, the draft should categorically declare that Hindi or Any other language will not repeat NOT  be imposed on any non-Hindi state people. The draft should be amended accordingly.

K. Naganathan

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